Welp, been a little over a year since my last post. I stopped building pedals for a while. The tourbox my protos went on last year worked out pretty well.

Now working on some really involved, and very cool, stuff these days...
Parallel tremolo delay
Amplitude sensitive white noise generator
OD/distortion w/3 band eq & switchable lfo controlled pwm
Bass & guitar preamp w/ overdrive
...as well as a few other unique things


My protos are on their way to tester number 1! 
Sent them out 2 days ago.
Stay tuned.


Finished 2 more prototypes yesterday/today!

These will be going out with the one a posted a couple months ago, to a small group of guys I have tested them for me. One of them already has my first pedal, though I have since reworked it, so they will be getting an updated version as well.

Videos to come, I hope.



Progress has been sooo slow, yet I've still got some good stuff underway.

I don't think you're ready for this jelly.


Forgot to post these

Low Rider aka Pearl OC-07 clone, pcb came from musicpcbs.com...

It sounds great, and tracks pretty well for an old analogue octaver. The octave up is kind of dirty, but there's a trim pot inside to adjust it. This one has been on my board for about month now! 

You may recognize this one. It's another protoboard. Sold to an ILF'er.


New Proto!

Been working on a new fuzz, and finally drew up a layout for it on turret board. Got it put together, and tested working great from the start! This is an example of a "dlx" one I guess. They will prob have less options on the finalized ones...or just be custom options.

Controls are loud/volume, tone, gain, and a 4way rotary for various clipping options (germ, zener, 2 sili, led). The +/- footswitch acts sort of like a boost, increasing the gain of the first stage. Layout, controls, graphics, etc are not a representation of the final product. Just something to give a general feel for the couple of guys I have testing these for me.

I actually had to steal the switches for this from other projects in my junk drawer. The enclosure is from a blem pack from Mammoth Electronics. 



Had the privileged of building a Gristleizer over the holiday. Was a part of the gift I sent out for this years ILF Secret Santa. I decided to put a twist on the typical design, and built it into a treadle enclosure...a re-purposed crybaby wah for the curious. Here's a little background info on the circuit.

It's hard to explain what all the circuit does, but tremolo/ringmod/broken amp/idk? Tons of control and options. Treadle controls speed, then depth, bias, & volume are on the right. The left has a vca/vcf toggle, and a rotary switch for the waveshape.

Lots of wiring! I ripped the colorful wires from an old computer, woohoo.